【福利WELFARE】Hiking&Cleanup with International intercultural exchange

This is welfare for green foot members to spend time in a well organized hiking and trash pickup event, also interact and social with interns of CRCC from foreign countries

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Last Hiking&Cleanup Event's Review Article 

Hiking Tang Lang Hill Country Park is a 6.3 kilometer moderately trafficked loop trail located near Longjing, Guangdong, China that features beautiful wild flowers and is good for all skill levels. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, nature trips, and birding and is accessible year-round.


 Last time hiking on Tanglang Mountain

Trash Pickup


Trash pick up on the way up to the hill. This practice is to let everyone experience the effort of picking up trash, let them also feel achievement when each pitch of land is clean and beautiful after the pick up action. To let them see the kindness in other's eyes, to pick up trash in their own mind. Its like meditation, let themselves going through cleaning up their own spirit

Rope Skipping


Sometime, we just wanna be a kid, enjoy the fun game without much worries. The jumping between the ropes are the popular game in our childhood 30 years ago. It make you jump, excercise, to feel your energy inside your body. This game is to let everyone relax in front of unfamiliar environment. Prepare relaxing and open mind for connection with others.

Self Introduction


After dancing and rope skipping, everyone is loosen up, its time to open ourselves to let others to know about us. Self introduction is to tell others who we are, its first step to build up connections. We will set up a format for reference: Your name, Country, Why you choose to China for Intern. This will be done within each group since time is limited

Push and Pull Game


After we get to know each other, its time to do something together to strengthen the tie between each other. Push and Pull is a traditional game, the purpose is to gather everyone's strength to work together in one direction to win the victory. There are times you are being pulled, it tests your team's strong will and the support of every members to others.

Flashmob Dancing


Green Foot Flashmob is to bring joyful atmosphere to the group. To tell everyone you can dance no matter you are good at it or not. Important is to feel the music: Can't stop the feeling, to follow the happy feeling. Every time the flashmob will open everyone's heart, who could refuse a smiling face with dynamic movement?

 Difficulty】3stars out of 5; 
Some part of the route is very steep and slippery, please wear hiking shoes and bring hiking pole if you have. 


【Meeting Info】 

 7/20 Saturday 14:00 Taoyuancun metro station (Line 7) Exit C


14: 00 Warm-up before hiking

14: 10 Members separate into 5 teams, and elect team leaders

14:20 Team leaders training

14:30 Picking up trash when hiking

15:20 Rope Skipping Game, Self Introduction, Push-pull, Flashmob dancing 

16:50 Group photos with trash and analyze the trash

17:00 Hiking down the hill

18:00 Dinner after downhill (optional)


【What to Bring 】

 Glove, A used plastic bag (Not new rubbish bag),one liter of water, snacks for lunch, Hiking Shoes, good spirits.



【Special Thanks】


JudyPhysiotherapistPilates instructor National public nutritionistNational academy of sports medicine-corrective exercise specialists Been graduated from Beijing sports university,Judy got bachelor degree of kinesiology and English language,Have been working with international marathons for sports injuries prevention and rehabilitation. Leading warm up and warm down exercise for marathons. 


【绿脚丫简介 Green Foot Introduction】


Green Foot established in 2015 with headquarter set in Shenzhen and branches covered PRD Guangzhou, Dongguan, Huizhou while Shanghai, Xi'an, Chengdu and  Zhuhai were swiftly established in the past half year. Through the offline activities and media reports, we have reached and influenced over 100,000 international audience. Our mission is to connect more people and built a greener world together. 

2018天使榜.png2018绿脚丫光荣榜(大使,活动负责人,志愿者)Green Foot 2018 Honor Board

 【绿脚丫精神 Green Foot Spirit】 

    Living the Green Foot Spirit - 活出绿脚丫精神

  •  去时比来时更干净

        Its cleaner when you leave.

  •  钱是自己的,资源是大家的

        Money is yours, resources are ours.

  • 不让一个人落单

       Nobody stands alone.

  • 带上笑容,敞开心扉

        Bring your smile and open heart.



Green Foot was awarded the Outstanding Progress in Envioronmental Protection by 2018 Green Asia-Pacific Environmental Protection Achievement Awards, which has great impact on environemtal protection in Asia-Pacific areas. 



无畏的希望 Audacity of Hope


绿脚丫是什么? What is Green Foot?


绿脚丫的舞台,就等你来! This is the stage for you!



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敞开 / Be Open up

分享 / Share

信任 / Trust

做自己 / Be True Yourself

创 / To Create

挑战 / Challenge

逐梦 / Pursue Your Dream

坚持 / Perseverance